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Premiere of "The Lion's Den" on the UFC Network.

While production for Jet Set Go fully launches in winter of 2015, I'll be peparing my body for the most challenging martial arts journey of my life. As I travel to several countries to film the series for Jet Set Go, I will also be training with masters of Mixed Martial Arts, to continue to film episodes of The Lion's Den on the UFC Network. I was thrilled to have my show premiere on the greatest MMA network in the world, much earlier than I had predicted. This has totally stepped up my motivation to deliver a phenomenal show. One that will make every one who watches this, fall in love with MMA.

What inspired me to launch this martial arts excavation journey? For so many kickass reasons.

First, the world offers a diverse array of styles and forms of martial arts, and I am particularly impressed with the way that each country's people and culture has beautifully crafted the art for many centuries. I'm eager to plunge in and learn the different styles, its techniques, train with the masters, and discover how each country has played a significant role in cultivating the art. My goal is to bring out the dynamic beauty of each art by anatomizing each element of martial science. After all, martial arts is not only about winning and losing, contrary to what mainstream media has molded it to be. Although a competition is certainly a test, the true journey of a martial arts disciple is a lifelong one, much like how 90% of an iceberg is hidden beneath the surface. The discipleship is constructed by many years of strict training and tutelage by dedicated teachers and masters. Through rigorous training, the martial artist builds strong character, sharpens the mind, develops maturity and tenacity that allows them to become their greatest in everything they do.

In addition, many masters of martial arts devote their entire lives to teaching students, and my goal is to shed light on their passion and humble service, as well as their teachings, philosophies, training methods, and the valuable life lessons they pass on as they shepherd one student to the next.

I hope to uncover the beauty, not just the blood and gore, of martial arts that has been often lost or overlooked due to the hype and popularity of mma fight shows on television. While uncovering this hidden side of mixed martial arts, I hope to inspire others are they are introduced to different styles of martial arts from around the world.

My journey will begin in Brazil to train Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, then to Israel to study Krav Maga, and then to Asia to study Muay Thai, Wing Chun, and Tae Kwon Do.

I hope you will join me on my martial arts excavation journey.

Check out my latest episode of The Lion's Den on the UFC Network.

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