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With a keen eye for great storytelling combined with a unique ability to deliver news in 5 languages, Marian Lee has set herself apart as a globally recognized journalist, TV personality, actress, director, and mixed martial artist.


She first brought her animated personality on set of The A List TV as their premier TV Host. Soon after, she was picked up by The Asian American Network of KBC-TV where she delivered compelling news by engaging with key policymakers and influencers in her home city of Chicago. At a very young age, she had earned repeated commendations for her excellence in writing, reporting, and producing.


Since then, she has directed several shows, including 4 years directing Kollaboration Chicago, receiving numerous awards for her monumental breakthroughs in entertainment production.


The key to her success is that Marian penetrates deep into the hearts of people to share their compelling stories. Currently, she is traveling around the world, producing and directing 2 shows simultaneously. Jet Set Go, an explosive new travel series focused on today's hip jetsetters' travel styles, is set to launch Spring of 2016. As she travels and trains her skills in Mixed Martial Arts, she will also be featuring world masters of martial arts inWorld of MMA, which is set to launch Summer of 2016. A few of her destinations include Brazil, Israel, China, South Korea, and Thailand.


Marian's work was recently featured on EaCast Media as well as in Conde Nast Spain.

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