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Marian Lee

Marian Lee is an internationally recognized Travel & Creative Lifestyle writer, journalist, and filmmaker. She is the Executive Producer and President of Jet Set Go, a travel blog and television show. She is also the host of the mixed martial arts documentary series, The Lion's Den, on the UFC Network.


Upon graduating from the University of Washington with a dual degree in International Economics and Urban Planning, Marian owned and operated a successful insurance business, served as an Executive Director for a non-profit entertainment empowerment organization, as well as reported on headline news for The Asian American Network for KBC-TV. As the Executive Director for Kollaboration, Marian played a pivotal role in community organizing, spearheading creative marketing solutions, and producing record breaking shows, which resulted in positive sustainable growth for the entire organization.

Marian calls the windy city of Chicago her home, where she feels that the geographically centrally positioned city provides ample opportunity and facility of management with several industry sectors around the globe. Marian Lee is an expert at establishing international connections and planting roots in major market hubs such as Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Seoul, Hong Kong, London, as well as in major citiies throughout Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Her ability to establish strategic partnerships and deliver brand recognition growth through multi-channel marketing, combined with her experience in handling international connections, make her a highly sought after public relations consultant where she serves as a direct advisor to several corporations.
Currently, she is working on set of Jet Set Go, which chronicles her mixed martial arts travel diary into a television series. She also is continuing to film episodes of The Lion's Den for the UFC Network. In 2016, she will be filming in Peru, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Israel, South Korea and Brazil.
Marian Lee is also a white belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practicioner at Carlson Gracie Federation. Awards include silver medal at New Breed 2016 Championship, silver gi and bronze medal no-gi Combat Corner 2016 Tournament. She is also a green-yellow chord at Cordão de Ouro Capoeira Association since 2002. Besides combat sports, she also enjoys golf, beach volleyball, and discovering new mountains to snowboard.
Her life motto is:  Make every day a Masterpiece!

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